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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your personal tax returns, please get in touch with our team. Here are a couple more reasons why you should hire us;

At Lethbridge Choice Tax, we take pride in offering competitive and transparent pricing. We understand the importance of managing your finances, and our cost-effective services ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money.

We’re also in tune with the changing times. With our remote tax preparation service, you can complete your taxes from the comfort of your home. No need to visit our office – we make it easy and convenient for you.

For added convenience, we offer a local pick-up service in select areas. We understand that time is valuable, and our team is dedicated to making the tax preparation process as effortless as possible.

Kevin Numerow - Lethbridge Choice Tax

Kevin Numerow, Tax Specialist

Meet Your Lethbridge Tax Specialist, Kevin Numerow

At Lethbridge Choice Tax, we work tirelessly to tailor our services to your unique circumstances, ensuring that you get the most out of your tax return. Our dedicated team of experts, led by Kevin Numerow, are committed to simplifying your tax process. And this is one of the many things that makes us the best personal tax specialists in Lethbridge. 

Kevin has a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge with a major in Accounting. He is a Chartered Financial Planner candidate, having already completed the Registered Financial Retirement Advisor modules. 

He also has his IFIC designation, a specialty in mutual funds and worked with Scotiabank as a Financial Advisor. You can, therefore, be rest assured that your financial affairs are in capable hands.

Rental Property Income

Rental Property Income Taxes

If you’re a landlord in Lethbridge or its environs, it’s essential to accurately report your rental property income to minimize your tax liability. We specialize in helping you maximize deductions, handle capital cost allowances, and manage expenses efficiently. Our team will ensure that your rental property income is optimized within the framework of Canadian tax laws.

Sole Proprietors

Sole Proprietor Taxes

As a sole proprietor, your personal and business finances can become intertwined. We provide expert guidance on structuring your taxes to minimize the financial burden on your business. Our knowledge and experience will help you make informed decisions, maintain accurate records, and claim the deductions you’re entitled to as a sole proprietor. 

Investment Income

Investment Income Taxes

Managing investments requires a keen understanding of the Canadian tax landscape. We can assist you in navigating the complexities of investment income taxation, such as capital gains, dividends, and interest income. Our services ensure that your investment strategies are tax-efficient, enabling you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have experience and want to save our clients money. Calgary’s Choice Tax Services, an established practice preparing over 400 personal tax returns annually, for more than 25 years, is expanding. Lethbridge Choice Tax is the exciting new office expansion serving Lethbridge and surrounding communities. We have worked hard to develop long-term working relationships with our Calgary clients and look forward to offering the same excellent level of service to our new and existing Lethbridge clients. 

Let us worry about your taxes, so you don’t have to! Email Kevin@LethbridgeChoiceTax.com

Many clients ask if their personal tax return preparation fees are deductible? The answer for most taxpayers is NO. Unless you are a sole proprietor, or own rental property, or require accounting support to track non-registered investment information, you will otherwise not be able to claim these fees. Taxpayers who earn income as a sole proprietor (self-employed), or from rental properties, are indeed able to claim these fees. Have other questions? 

Let us worry about your taxes, so you don’t have to! Reach out to Kevin@LethbridgeChoiceTax.com

Do I need to file a tax return even if I have no income? The simple answer is YES. Many benefits offered by the government are only paid to citizens if a tax return is filed. Canada Child Benefit, GST credit, and the climate action incentive (in applicable provinces) are just a few of the benefits you might be missing out on if you don’t file. Let us worry about your taxes, so you don’t have to! Email Kevin@LethbridgeChoiceTax.com

Taxpayers may be asked to support the claims on the tax return via a pre or post assessment request from CRA (pre is a request prior to paying you the refund with respect to that claim) and (post is asking after paying you the associated refund). Keep in mind that when a return is filed electronically, CRA only receives all of the amounts associated with any item being claimed, they receive no other detail. Thus, if they want to query a particular item, they will ask you for back up support in the form of receipts, letters, forms, etc, depending on the item claimed, and will set out the required documentation to be submitted in a letter sent to you. Usually, you will have 30 days to submit. It is always most efficient to submit online via My Account. 

Let us worry about your taxes so you don’t have to! Email Kevin@LethbridgeChoiceTax.com

Many clients ask what the difference is between the tax return and the Notice of Assessment.

Your NOA is an evaluation of your filed tax return sent to you by CRA after filing your return.

The NOA includes the date your return was assessed, a review of the return filed, and the determination of how much you owe or get as a refund. The NOA also gives you information including but not limited to RRSP information, carryover information of various items, Home Buyers’ plan information and is required should you apply for a mortgage.

A tax return is the annual statement of all of your income information and personal circumstances, deductions and credits, used by CRA to assess your income tax situation.

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In Canada, every taxpayer should file their own individual tax return, even if a taxpayer has nil income. Canada does not allow the filing of joint returns. Each Canadian files their own tax return and indicates marital status, and partner/spouse information.

Every taxpayer hopes for a tax refund. We explain to our clients that an income tax refund most often, is simply a return of your own money. For employees, your employer is obligated to remit income tax to CRA from each and every paycheque. Employers must follow payroll tables sent out by CRA. If you claimed no tax credits (other than the personal amount) and no deductions on your tax return, then most often, your tax return should result in approximately a nil balance owing or refund because your employer would have remitted the correct amount. It is the claim of certain tax credits (e.g., spouse amount, eligible dependent amount, tuition, donations or medical being the most common) or certain tax deductions (RRSPs, spousal support paid and child care being the most common) that result in a tax refund for most taxpayers. When these claims, not anticipated by the income tax remitted by your employer (unless you filled out a TD1at work specifying the claim of any of these) are made, then you will likely receive a tax refund. Remember, that this refund usually is the return of your own monies earned, previously remitted by your employer, that CRA has been holding refunded to you at 0% interest. Although a tax refund is the “dream” of every taxpayer, you are just getting back more of the money you worked so hard for in the previous year. Education rather than hope and prayer will help you understand and tax plan for that extra windfall come tax time. Let Us Worry About Your Taxes, So You Don’t Have To!”

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When a taxpayer files their tax return, it is best to ensure that all information is included. If a tax return is filed, and then reassessed at a later date, indicating that the taxpayer owes more money, it is usually for a number of possible reasons:

–  CRA may have sent a letter requesting additional information that was not responded to, or that CRA deemed not meeting their threshold of required information.

–  One or more income slips from employment or a financial institution may have been missed and not included in your tax return when filing.

–  An error may have been made.

These are just a few of the reasons why your return may have been reassessed after filing and receiving the original Notice of Assessment. Have additional questions? Email Kevin@LethbridgeChoiceTax.com