Did You Know You Can Claim Expenses For Your Support Animal?

Did you know that CRA has made changes to the medical expense tax credit to allow taxpayers to claim certain expenses for a support animal   For taxpayers who require specialized training for an animal, to help them cope with an impairment, the expense can be claimed as a medical expense. Currently, the following impairments […]

CRA Services You Might Not Know About

CRA Services You Might Not Know About     File My Return Telephone Service Effective February 2018 Canada Revenue Agency is introducing the new ‘File My Return Telephone Service’. Eligible individuals with low income or a fixed income that is unchanged year-to-year can file their tax returns by answering a series of short questions and […]


What’s The Value of Your Marriage?  by Nate Bagley from first7years.com   The cost of your marriage license (depending on where you live) was probably around $40. The average cost of a wedding in the US last year was over $35,000. If you were to get divorced today, the cost would likely be around $15,000. Lots […]