Most Wonderful Time Of Year

We are quickly approaching the most wonderful time of the year. We aren’t referring to Christmas or New Year’s, but to TAX TIME! The end of the year makes us giddy at Calgary’s Choice Tax Services. Though we do love to bake and spread Xmas cheer, it means tax time is just around the corner. […]

Charitable Giving More Important Than Ever

Charitable Giving More Important Than Ever Charitable giving is one way that taxpayers can support a cause or organization close to their heart. In 2020, during a time of COVID, ton here are more worthy causes than ever before and fewer people able to contribute. It has been a difficult year for so many. As […]

The CERB and Income Tax

The Federal government recently announced the CERB, Canada Emergency Response Benefit, to provide income assistance to Canadians during this unprecedented time. Unlike your regular paycheque though, income tax will not be withheld by the government. What does this mean? A year from now, when you file your 2020 income tax return you will owe income […]

Did You Know You Can Claim Expenses For Your Support Animal?

Did you know that CRA has made changes to the medical expense tax credit to allow taxpayers to claim certain expenses for a support animal   For taxpayers who require specialized training for an animal, to help them cope with an impairment, the expense can be claimed as a medical expense. Currently, the following impairments […]

Simple Ways To Reduce Your Taxes and Grow Your Investments

  In these challenging economic times and with volatile markets everywhere it can be hard to know where to turn for sound financial advice. At Simple Ways To Reduce Your Taxes And Grow Your Investments, Sharon Numerow and Fasial Karmali will break down how easy it can be for anyone to take control of their […]

The Mysticism of Income Tax Refunds

The Mysticism of Income Tax Refunds   Every taxpayer hopes for a tax refund. We explain to our clients that an income tax refund most often,  is simply a return of your own money. For employees, your employer is obligated to remit income tax to CRA from each and every paycheque. Employers must follow payroll tables […]