Did You Know You Can Claim Expenses For Your Support Animal?

Did you know that CRA has made changes to the medical expense tax credit to allow taxpayers to claim certain expenses for a support animal

A purebred golden retriever dog is wearing a animal harness to indicate it is a service dog that will aid blind, visually impaired, or special needs people to stay safe.


For taxpayers who require specialized training for an animal, to help them cope with an impairment, the expense can be claimed as a medical expense. Currently, the following impairments are covered: blindness, profound deafness, severe autism, severe diabetes, severe epilepsy and severe mobility issues. Taxpayers suffering from PTSD have seen good results from psychiatric service dogs.

For the expenses to qualify, the animal must be provided by an organization that trains specialty animals. These changes came into effect in the 2018 tax year for expenses incurred after 2017. Unfortunately, the cost of most pets cannot be claimed. Even though many of our pets can be very supportive, their expenses do not qualify.

If you require a service animal, or are looking into the cost, do not hesitate to come in and meet with us to find out how these expenses will affect your taxes.

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